• Mailing List Studio
    main features

  • Newsletter software
    full management

  • Statistics mailings
    reads and geolocation

  • Sharing database
    in LAN and VPN

  • Import Data
    from Microsoft's software and files standard

  • Automation
    sending, bounce, subscriptions/cancellations

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  • Mailing List Studio
    - Automatic Subscriptions/Cancellations.
    - Geolocation of the email read.
    - Managing bounce emails.
    - Import/Export data.
    - Send unlimited messages.
    - Built-in message editor.
    - Customizable messages with dynamic values.
    - Mailing list management.
    - About 200 template ready to use.
    - Antispam control.
    - Social Network integration.
    - Turbo Engine, sending a block of 50 emails at a time.

  • Newsletter software
    - Organize your list into groups and subgroups.
    - Manage the block list to avoid sending messages to those who no longer want to receive them..
    - Create professional newsletters in a simple and fast.
    - Embed the data of your contacts to send messages to each recipient email unique and personalized.
    - Manage subscriptions/cancellations more Account and choose which group to move on new enrollments.

  • Statistics mailings
    Result of the trend of real-time visualization newsletter with total posts, sent, unsent and outstanding.

    Checking whether messages have been opened and read by the recipients.

    Geolocation of contacts who opened and read your messages.

  • Sharing database
    Share your data with other users.

    Mailing List Studio connects to the network (LAN, WiFi, VPN, etc.) with other computers.

    Works on most individual workstations using different databases.

    Create backups of your database.

  • Import data
    Import your mailing list from other applications.

    Compatible with Microsoft products such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, etc.

    Ability to import from file formats such as CSV, text files, etc.

    Import contacts from older versions of Mailing List Studio.

  • Automation
    Create multiple accounts with which to send senders and choose the appropriate time.

    Check the bounce emails by creating one or more accounts that will check your inbox will update the database of Mailing List Studio is based on the rules you set.

    Manage subscriptions/cancellations more Account and choose which group to move on new enrollments.

Newsletter software

Mailing List Studio is the best software for sending newsletter. It allows you to create and easily manage your email marketing campaigns. Thanks to Mailing List Studio will have everything you need in a single product, without subscriptions and monthly costs. Your data will remain safe inside your computer, without necessarily having to upload data to the Internet. You can manage your mailing lists, create professional messages, send newsletter and analyze the results thanks to advanced statistics.

The new version of Mailing List Studio 4 is available in both Freeware that in the Professional version, with no monthly fees or subscriptions, with a one-time payment and unlimited license doesn't expire. In addition to this we have a protection of your investment guaranteeing the free updates for one year.


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Since 2003, the leading software for managing mailing lists and send newsletters.

Born in 2003, Mailing List Studio is the first software for managing mailing lists.

In last years, the software has never ceased to improve by listening to the advice of the users.

Since the first publication in today thousands of users around the globe use Mailing List Studio for sending newsletter.

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